A Snapshot of Anna

My father really was the indirect influence in my decision to follow my passion and study art. I have great memories of watching him draw fanciful images on a scrap piece of paper. Since I was young, my siblings and I were always the focus in his numerous photo books, which he added to constantly and organized in a fireproof, dry, chest freezer! No mountain scene was taken without a person in the foreground. Intrigued by this fervor, I too got behind the camera.

I have my bachelors degree in Art Education. Wonderful past relationships moved me to find my passion of portrait photography.  I knew I was a very visual person and loved to be around kids, young and old. Photographing the "highlights" of this awesome life God has for us is a natural and exciting focus for me. My husband and I now have three children. I am blessed to be able to capture each part of their magical lives. It is very important that I can produce powerful images that have the potential to archive emotions, moments, and thoughts. Ten years from now, you may not remember your child’s unleashed excitement. Ten years from now, the toys and blankets will be gone. Ten years from now, only a brilliant picture can bring fading memories back into perfect focus. I look forward to making your pictures come alive!



Upcoming for 2017-2018

2017: Infants/Baby's 1st year: I have decided to not take any new clients at this time. I will miss this miraculous, emotional photography. I hope moms and moms-to-be find another photographer who will capture this awesome stage for you.

2018 Graduates: Please call now to book your Senior Photography Session. I am taking limited seniors this summer/fall.

2018 Weddings please give me a call if you would like to schedule your special day before I fill up for the year.

Thank you for considering Pulse Photography and what we have to offer you!